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Star Trek 40th Anniversary of The Original Series (Series 1) Master Set with Binder (2006 Rittenhouse Archives)

Star Trek 40th Anniversary of The Original Series (Series 1) Master Set with Binder (2006 Rittenhouse Archives)

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This listing is for one complete master set which includes ALL of the following:

Official Album/Binder w/ 18 9-pocket pages

Sell Sheet

Printed Checklists

Empty Box

All Promos (P1, P2, P3, CP1, and UK)

Complete Base Set (with both the error and correct base card #58)

Complete Vina Insert Set

Complete Pike Insert Set

Complete Portraits Insert Set

Complete 1967 Insert Set

Complete Delta Shield Patch Insert Set

Case Topper Cards TV8 & TV9

Eugene Roddenberry Jr. Autograph Tribute Card

Leonard Nimoy as Spock Autographed Dealer Incentive Card

A126 Walter Koenig as Mirror Chekov Exclusive Binder Autograph

Complete Pack Inserted Autograph Set, which includes all of the following:

A104    Carl Held as Lindstrom                                  The Return of the Archons

A106    Jason Wingreen as Dr. Linke                             The Empath

A107    Lawrence Montaigne as Decius                            Balance of Terror

A108    Dick Durock as Elasian Guard                            Elaan of Troyius

A109    Robert Walker, Jr. as Charlie Evans [Very Limited]      Charlie X

A110    Kathryn Hays as Gem                                     The Empath

A111    France Nguyen as Elaan [Very Limited]                   Elaan of Troyius

A112    Joan Collins as Edith Keeler [Limited]                  The City on the Edge Forever

A113    Brian Tochi as Boy                                      And the Children Shall lead

A114    Sheldon Collins as Tough Kid                            A Piece of the Action

A115    David Soul as Makora                                    The Apple

A116    John Crawford as Commissioner Ferris [Limited]          The Galileo Seven

A117    Ned Romero as Krell                                     A Private Little War

A118    Peter Duryea as Navigator Jose Tyler                    The Cage

A119    Leonard Nimoy as Mirror Universe Spock [Very Limited]   Mirror, Mirror

A120    Majel Barrett as Number One [Very Limited]              The Cage

A121    Laurel Goodwin as Yeoman Colt                           The Cage

A122    Bobby Clark as The Gorn [Limited]                       Arena

A123    Bruce Hyde as Lt. Riley                                 The Naked Time

A124    Beverly Washburn as Lt. Galway                          The Deadly Years

A125    Malachi Throne as Voice of The Keeper                   The Cag

A127    Paul Comi as Lt. Andrew Stiles                          Balance of Terror

A128    Marianne Hill as Dr. Helen Noel                         Dagger of the Mind

A129    Emily Banks as Yeoman Tonia Barrows                     Shore Leave

A130    Victor Lundin as Klingon Lieutenant                     Errand of Mercy

A131    Garrison True as Crewman                                The Man Trap

A133    Kate Woodville as Natira                                For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky

A134    Mary Rice as Young T'Pring                              Amok Time

A135    Richard Compton as Washburn                             The Doomsday Machine

A135    George Takei as Mirror Universe Sulu [Very Limited]     Mirror, Mirror

A137    Rhodes Reason as Flavius Maximum                        Bread and Circuses

    The only card missing from this set preventing it being from 100% complete is the ULTRA RARE Gene Roddenberry cut signature card that was limited to only 25.

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