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2020 The Twilight Zone Archives Factory Sealed ARCHIVE BOX (2020 Rittenhouse Archives)

2020 The Twilight Zone Archives Factory Sealed ARCHIVE BOX (2020 Rittenhouse Archives)

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Factory sealed, contains the following:

- 64 Card Base Set featuring Twilight Zone Episode Portfolio Prints cards, with original artwork by Juan Ortiz. The Base Set complements and completes the insert series of episode cards by Juan Ortiz depicted in the previous series, Twilight Zone - Rod Serling Edition - Trading Cards, issued in 2019.
- 18 Stars of the Twilight Zone Expansion Cards (1:12 Packs)
- 9 Twilight Zone Acetate Cards (1:144 Packs)
- 5 Twilight Zone Character Portfolio Prints Expansion Cards (1:96 Packs)
- 9 Twilight Zone Portraits Expansion Cards (1:24 Packs)
- 34 Autograph Cards, which includes all of the following signers:


  1. Stafford/Byron / Badham (Dual) (Limited)

  2. Derrik Lewis / Anthony Call (Dual) (Limited)

  3. A172 William Sargent (Limited)

  4. A173 Derrik Lewis (Limited)

  5. A174a Pamela Austin (Limited)

  6. A175 Gregory Irvin (Limited)

  7. A176 Buddy Joe Hooker (Limited)

  8. A177 Shari Lee Bernath (Limited)

  9. AI-02 William Shatner (Inscription)

  10. AI-04 Bill Mumy (Inscription)

  11. AI-11 Peter Mark Richman (Inscription)

  12. AI-13 Dana Dillaway (Inscription)

  13. AI-14 Dana Dillaway (Inscription)

  14. AI-17 H.M. Wynant (Inscription)

  15. AI-18 Jim E. Titus (Inscription)

  16. AI-19 Ann Jillian (Inscription)

  17. AI-20 Barbara Barrie (Inscription)

  18. AI-21 George Takei (Inscription)

  19. AI-22 Antoinette Bower (Inscription)

  20. AI-23 Billy Mumy (Inscription)

  21. AI-24 Jacqueline Scott (Inscription)

  22. AI-25 Ron Masak (Inscription)

  23. AI-26 Bonnie Beecher (Inscription)

  24. AI-27 Orson Bean (Inscription)

  25. AI-28 John Astin (Inscription)

  26. AI-29 Joyce Van Patten (Inscription)

  27. AI-30 Mary Badham (Inscription)a

  28. AI-31 Denise Alexander (Inscription)

  29. AI-32 Tim Stafford (Inscription)

  30. AI-33 Anthony Call (Inscription)

  31. AI-34 Read Morgan (Inscription)

  32. AI-35 Jack Ging (Inscription)

  33. AI-37 Sherry Jackson (Inscription)

  34. AI-38 Gregory Irvin (Inscription)



- Case Topper Card CT1: 60th Anniversary Montage
- Archive Box Exclusives:
     - Two Sets of 4 Printing Plates used to make the official TZ cards
Pamela Austin as Marilyn in Number 12 Looks Just Like You Autograph Card A174B

The archive box does NOT contain the following:

- 156 Card Parallel Serial Numbered Base Set
- 9 Card Serial Numbered Hall of Fame Insert Set
ACB1 - William Shatner / Rod Serling (Booklet)
- ACB2 - Bill Mumy / Rod Serling (Booklet)
- PPA1 - Billy Mumy (It's A Good Life) Portfolio Print Autograph Card
PPA2 - William Shatner in Nightmare At 20,000 Feet Portfolio Print Autograph Card

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